Sunday, April 09, 2006

Custom Orders and Contact Information

Ordering from me is easy! eMail the following information to me at, with "Custom Order" in the subject line. I prefer Paypal, but I will accept money orders and cashier's checks. No cash, no credit cards, and no personal checks, please.

Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Order Request:
Preferred Payment Method:

When you send me this information, I can get back to you with an estimated delivery schedule, item cost and shipping cost. Patters are shipped free, within 24 hours. On larger orders ($50 or more) shipping cost is negotiable. Otherwise, the quote I give you is my cost to ship it. No more, no less. I will also include the address to send payment to. When your payment is received, your order will be processed.

Promoters! I'm always looking for new and exciting craft shows to present my wares at. Based in Tiverton, Rhode Island, I prefer to attend shows within an hour drive from my home. Some of the more popular cities that have shows in my area are Boston, Providence, and Newport. Contact me at with "Craft Show Opportunity" as the subject line.


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