Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Clutches, Purses, and other Bag-Like-Objects

Better than Channel could ever put out, I make a collection of handbags for your everyday life. With or without wrist or shoulder straps, with or without buttons, it's your choice!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Wrist Warmers and Wrist Bands

Forget gloves, wrist warmers are the way to go! Available in both plain and fancy, these items are one of my biggest sellers!

Price Range - $4 - $10

Hats, Caps, and other Covers for your Head.

I've gottta admit, I'm not much of a hat girl. But my younger brother lives in them. First developed for him, these hats are snug enough not to be blown away in the wind, and look a whole lot better than those baseball caps I've seen. Hats come in various styles - dred caps for those with locks to store away, knit caps for the traditional style, and a brimmed version for those of you who like to hide from the sun.

Price Range - $8 - $15

Chapstick Holder Key Chain

I'm constantly loosing my chapstick. Then I developed a cozy for my lip balm! Since I always carry my keys with me, I thought it best to attach it to my keyring. Chapstick key rings can also hold your lipstick or lip gloss, but a crafty young man stuck a condom packet in his! All cozies come with a key ring and lip balm.

Price Range - $3 - $5

Cozies for your iPod, DS, PSP, and other electronics

We have a whole line of cozies for your iPod! Coming in sizes to fit the Shuffle, Nano, 4G and 20G, iPod cozies are an affordable way to stylishly protect your investment from scratches and dings. Also available are cozies to fit your Nintendo DS, PSP, and other various electronic devices.

Cozies come in two categories - fancy and plain. Fancy cozies have themes such as veggies, animals, and flowers. A popular choice is the iApe! Plain cozies come in a variety of solid and varigated colors.

Price Range: Plain $5 - $8, Fancy $7 - $12

Scarves and Neck Warmers

Scarves are divided up into two categories: plain and fancy. Plain scarves have minimal embelishments, and are constructed of a soft, face-friendly material. Fancy scarves follow a theme, and are decorated with hand-crafted add-ons. Made of the same oh-so-soft material, these scarves are a wonderful conversation piece as well as keeping the wind off your neck.

Price range: Fancy $15 - $30; Plain $10-$20